Welcome to KnowledgeKube

Name DerivedURL
Pages Common page templates that can be used as the basis for your applications URL
Layout Positioning and aligning elements on a page URL
Question Types All types of inputs, including buttons, pictures and text URL
Progress Indicators Breadcrumbs, loading bars and more for multi-step forms URL
Grids Data source grids, tiles, cards, gallery and more URL
Advanced Implementation Advanced controls and functionality URL
Microsoft Teams Create applications for Microsoft Teams URL
Document Rendering Create rich documents from your applications, data, services and digital content URL
Demos Examples of applications and services built using the KnowledgeKube low-code platform URL
Miscellaneous Markdown, loading spinner, tooltips and more URL
Scroll Utilities Common utilities for scrolling page content to specific KnowledgeKube controls and elements URL
3rd Party Integrations Integrating other CSS frameworks URL
Themes Various colour schemes to fit your needs URL
Events & Background Processes Add cloud powered real-time events, notifications and background processes to your applications URL
Modals Pop-ups, notification bars and flyouts URL
Experimental Area for new and experimental functionality URL
Release Notes List of updates and fixes by version respectively URL

KnowledgeKube UI template v1.6

The current KnowledgeKube UI template is based on Bootstrap 4.1. and this is the main demo website for it. Click on one of the tiles or browse the sidebar links to preview all the various UI elements and functionality. There are also additional pages linked in the top menu bar to view these please login

Compatibility: IE 10+, Edge (all), Safari 9.1+, Chrome (latest), Firefox (latest). Fully responsive (Desktop, tablet, mobile)